What you need to know about the Cannabis Breathalyzer

Marijuana will soon be legal in Canada for recreational use. The authorities who are changing their laws to accommodate cannabis, have emphasized their concern over public health and criminal justice with one primary concern being the inability of the police officials to accurately and fairly test drivers for marijuana. 

However, things are on the verge of changing forever. California based Hound Labs has developed a new product that will allow authorities to test vehicle drivers for cannabis.

The Cannabis Breathalyzer works similar to the alcohol breathalyzer and will allow police to determine the THC levels in a drivers breath.

The company claims their Cannabis Breathalyzer will be around one billion times more accurate than the alcohol testers available today.

With the breathalyzer, they will also be able to find out how recently (measured in hours) an individual consumed cannabis which is one of the primary concerns for law enforcement confronted with a potentially intoxicated driver.

The new breathalyzer product will fill the gaps and make the test fair for drivers. The company believes that the THC is present in the driver’s breath only during the peak window of impairment which is within one or two hours of smoking marijuana. 

The Hound Labs Marijuana Breathalyzer is expected to hit the market sometime in September. The device will simultaneously function as an alcohol breathalyzer.