5 Tips for First Time Cannabis Users

We love our first timers! We want to make sure everyone is comfortable coming into our store and we know how intimidating it can be to buy a product that was illegal for so long. We have a group of experts in store that are here to answer all your questions and help you gain the confidence using cannabis. Here are our top tips for our new cannabis users!

Go at your own pace

Many people have smoked or ingested cannabis much more than you and these people may be your friends. Before partaking in cannabis make sure the people you are with understand that this is new to you. Don’t let someone else tell you to do something you are not comfortable with such as smoking too much.

Be Prepared to Not Get High

Many people do not get high the first time they smoke. Everyone is different so do not be disappointed if this is includes you. When you are comfortable try again, try a different strain or try a different amount that you think is suited for you!

Drink Water like a Fish

If you’re going to indulge in cannabis, make sure to drink a lots of water before and during your session. Many people forget to do this and wake up with super dry mouth. Drinking lots of water is good for you whether you partake in cannabis or not. Water will help your body keep regulated!

Download a Food Courier App

These apps are amazing whether that be skip the dishes or Uber eats! NEVER drive while under the influence of cannabis, which means that if you did not get some food before your session you could be out of luck, unless you have these apps! Any kind of food at your finger tips delivered safely to your home!

Know Your Limits

If you’re stoned out of your mind after one hit, feel free to pass on the next toke. Your mission was to get high for the first time, not hate it! Know your limits and act accordingly. You will learn your limits slowly with trial, however it is always a good idea to start slow and count your cannabis for next time. Each strain differs in potency so learn what your favorites are!

The most important tips for first timers are to enjoy and be safe! If you follow these tips and chat with our experts to learn the best way to partake in cannabis, everything will be dope!

Green Earth Cannabis