Top 5 Netflix shows for stoners

Round Planet

This pick is basically Planet Earth if It were written by a bunch of your high buddies. It isn’t just a bunch of cheap laughs; you still get to enjoy awesome nature footage while laughing your high butt off.

Pineapple Express

Need I say more? Explosions, bad guys, laughs and cannabis.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Talking about our place in this universe was basically invented by stoners, so of course, a space-themed documentary does the trick. Created by Seth McFarlane, it has everything to make you love smoking a joint and watching this!

Sausage Party

Hey This is that movie that will make you pee your pants laughing the whole way through. Also, make sure you have snacks for your munchies as your going to get hungry.

All the B-list British Shows

Just want to enjoy the high and don’t want to do much thinking? Check out the B list British shows about budget brides, bake offs and hotels.

Green Earth Cannabis