5 Tips on How to Stop Being So High: Counteracting Cannabis


1. Talk to your budtender to ensure you can talk to an expert about recommended intake.

Our budtenders can help you decide what is a good intake of cannabis for you based on your preferences and tolerance. Consume with friends you know and are comfortable with, and don’t feel pressured to consume more than you can handle while you are learning about cannabis and your body.

2. Do not panic. This feeling is temporary.

The symptoms of being too intoxicated on cannabis will start to go away within minutes to hours.. Give it some time and these feelings will pass. There have been zero reported deaths from cannabis overdoses so know that this will pass.


Don’t forget to hydrate! This is also good advice for non-cannabis users. Water is an important part of ensuring cannabis interacts properly with your body. This will help any dry mouth you have and allow you to focus on a simple task until the cannabis wears off.

4. Black Pepper and Orange Juice

No not together, well if you want to try it be our guest. Pepper and Orange Juice are two safe, household items that users say can help counteract the feeling of too much cannabis.

5. Take a shower or bath

This will help you relax, as well as well as make you smell nice. Win, Win!

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