Top 3 Things to consider when adding cannabis into your workout routine


A massive trend emerging in the cannabis industry is adding cannabis to your workout routine. Cannabis isn’t usually thought of as the most stimulating substance but it may have some benefits. We wanted to educate you by providing some top things to consider before partaking in this trend.

1. Consult a professional health care provider

Before starting or changing any workout routine it is important to talk with your doctor, especially when incorporating cannabis. Working out requires an ability to be thoughtful and deliberate about the way you're moving in order to avoid injury or overdoing it.

2. Make sure you understand how cannabis affects your mind and body.

Everyone is a bit different when it comes to cannabis and have different ways various strains affect the user. Before adding cannabis into your workout, make sure you understand the strain and how it interacts with your body.

3. Generally, take much smaller doses than you would normally

It should be just enough to affect you slightly during your workout. Having a too much could get you really high really fast which is not what you want in an activity that requires energy and endurance.

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