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Green Earth Cannabis is the brain child of a Calgary based entrepreneurial family who are committed to providing safe, high quality products to new and experienced customers. 


Jason Marshall

Jason Marshall, one of the co-founders of Green Earth Cannabis comes from the oil and gas industry. His experience includes running a successful contracting business in Calgary for over ten years. Jason brings his passion for cannabis and his experience in the Calgary business sector to provide new and experienced customers high quality service.

Favourite strains

Pineapple Express, Blueberry Kush, MK ultra & Tangerine Dream


Irene Struc

Irene Struc, one of the co-founders of Green Earth Cannabis has over 20 years experience as an IT consultant specializing in retail. She is a yoga instructor and loves to help people realize how to live their best life with a healthy life body and healthy mind. Irene brings her passion for living a healthy lifestyle and her experience in the retail sector to bring you great, knowledgeable customer service every time.

Favourite strains

Lemon Skunk & Jack Herer


Michael Nelson

Michael is the Assistant Manager at Green Earth Cannabis. Mike has been in trades since high school including plumbing, carpentry, millwright and welder and is so excited to change careers into the cannabis industry. He has been an artist hiswhole life including drawing, leather work, music and blacksmithing.

Favourite strains

Sunset, Ghost Train Haze/Thor & Rockstar Kush


Nathan Scherger

Nathan is a nature-loving hiker and camper, often enjoying these trips with a companion smoke. He loves cats but doesn't actually have any. Nathan is excited to dive into the research side of cannabis and use his knowledge stemmed from his Bachelor of Science degree to help educate customers and remove the stigma on cannabis use. 

Favorite Strains

Donegal, Wabanaki &Hemp Star


Deb Frey

Deb is a mother of 3 young adults who use recreational cannabis and understands the effects of different strains of cannabis . She is an animal lover, a very active senior including cycling and walking in the summer; skiing and skating in the winter and is excited to share her knowledge with the "new beginners" young and old.

Favourite strains

CBDurban & Harlequin



Strain 1 - Tangerine Dream
One of my favourite strains, I enjoy using this strain while doing activities like golf (par weed) and hiking- being outdoors- something to that effect. Solid citrus taste makes for a delightful smoke

Strain 2- Blueberry Kush
I enjoy using this strain at the end of a long day to help me unwind. Relaxed feeling. “Couch weed” 

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We are committed to excellence and seek those who value teamwork, accountability, integrity and service to the community.

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