About us


Green Earth Cannabis is the brain child of a Calgary-based entrepreneurial family who are committed to providing safe, high quality products to new and experienced customers. 


We’re family, educators, experts and pioneers in the cannabis industry in Canada.

Green Earth is a trusted source of cannabis products for Calgarians seeking to enhance their quality of life through mindful cannabis use. We promote an intelligent approach to cannabis purchasing and use to meet the needs of our customers.

Green Earth Cannabis is dedicated to providing high quality products, expert knowledge and excellent customer service during every visit.



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Green Earth Cannabis was founded by two Calgarians who saw the opportunity to use their personal passion for cannabis to provide education and high quality product to the Calgary community.  

Jason Marshall, one of the co-founders of Green Earth Cannabis comes from the oil and gas industry including running a successful contracting business in Calgary for over 10 years. Jason brings his passion for cannabis and his experience in the Calgary business sector to provide new and experienced customers top quality service.

Irene Struc, one of the co-founders of Green Earth Cannabis has over 20 years experience as an IT consultant specializing in retail. She is a yoga instructor and loves to help people realize how to live their best life with a healthy life body and healthy mind. Irene brings her passion for living a healthy life style and her experience in the retail sector to bring you great, knowledgeable customer service every time.